Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What I love about being up north at Green Lake:
It is canadian winter at its best!
Snowmobiles, ATVing, ice-fishing and snowball fights.

A beautiful view every day.

And funny dogs that love to eat thrown snow.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The mister and I recieved quite the gift this week! We managed to squeeze them into our tiny flat and Im so happy we did!

I am so in love with this dresser! Its beautiful!

And item number 2? An incredible china cabinet!

And it holds our china perfectly!!

Im not sure where the cabinet is from, but we found this burned into one of the drawers:

We are very excited for our unique (and free!) furniture!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Because of the random days I work, and the hectic pace of our life, morning rituals, unfortunatly, dont exist in our life.

Except for today!

Today we woke up early and enjoyed our rare quiet morning together!

Drinking tea, eating bagels (and a sandwich for me) and watching "Family Matters" (Dont laugh, its our latest obsession).

It was delightful and I simply cant wait until its our regular ritual!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Ever time I sit down to launch something into bloggerland, I stop. I cant seem to find the words, or the right stories. I hesitate.
Today, Im pushing through because I cant stop thinking about her.
A little baby, carefully being formed in the womb of one of my best friends. Shes growing, squirming and kicking and in 20 weeks, I will be the most blessed friend in the world to meet her.
Since I dont get to be apart of the every day events that have surrounded Michelles pregnancy, I cant seem to wrap my mind around it! Somedays I want to jump on the next train (not bus though, trains are more glamerous, right Michelle!) and spend the next 20 weeks watching her grow and adapt and bond with her daughter.
It will be, and has already been, an incredible journey.
So Michelle, today, I think of you and your little one.
I have little visions of pigtails and giggles, pink onsies and smothering that little darling with kisses from Auntie Edolbina.
XOXO to you and your little one all the way from Canada!