Monday, July 25, 2011

Tomorrow we are leaving on a jet plane
($20 says you are singing the song in your head!)

Its been a pretty crazy ride so far, so many hours of preparation!
But its here, and Im thankful we have survived so far!

There are 12 of us going to Mexico, and somehow I ended up leading them.
We are going to meet, minister and build a house.
I'm oh-so-excited to see my youth step out of their comfort zone!
God has plans for each of them, and I'm blessed to be a witness to this part of it!

Can you pray for us? We need prayer.
Prayer for travelling mercies, that the border lineup wont take the predicted 6 hours.
Prayer for health. My back is currently not doing well, but Im in faith that God will give me enough grace each day to survive.

But most of all, prayer that God moves and salvation would happen.
Thats what this is all about.
Its about leading people into relationship with Christ.
Its about seeing lives changed and salvation given.
Like I said, Im so blessed to be a part of this team!

And away we go!
See you when we get back!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I have seen this video before, but every time I watch it, I cry.
Its so beautiful and calm.
I love the moms reaction to seeing her baby for the first time, I love watching dad cry behind her, I love when her daughter meets the new baby. What a beautiful way to capture a birth.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Add this to my list of dreams...

A house with a secret passageway?!
The 7-year old me in just squealed!
Yes please!
This is in Tom and Laura McNeal's Southern California home, how exciting!

(Photos by


I came home last night after a LONG 4 days away for work.
It was challenging and I have never been so glad to so my husband.
(He is so handsome after all!)

How do I sum up my week?
Lets see....
Hot weather and a broken air conditioner.
Time spent with a family where everyone smokes like a chimney, curses like a sailor and just generally yells at each other and hurls insults.
Did I mention that I get major headaches from cigarette smoke?
Good times.
A heavy wheelchair that I got to push, a 6-year olds birthday party, where the parents smoked something OTHER than cigarettes, and a sleazy guy who hit on me constantly even though I told him I was happily married, over and over again!

Yup, that about sums it up!
But it wasn't all bad!
I found an AMAZING little shop full of delightful vintage items!
The owner has collected "treasures" all her life and then realized she has way to many (sound familiar?!) so she opened a shop!
I restrained myself and only bought 4 things (activated will power!)
Wanna see?

A sweet TINY necklace, I think it represents gardening...

A funny dish, Im going to hang it in our kitchen!
(Notice how they are all blonde? Foreshadowing!)

This is for my sister-in-law. She loves white and old country charm. Perfect!

A random pillow with 3 bears embroidered on it! I have no idea where it came from or who made it, but I love it!

See? Self control!

And tonight?
Well tonight we get to see some of our very favourite people!
She is sweet, caring, an amazing cook and very pregnant!
(Pretty too! But no, she's not for sale)
He is smart, funny and likes to pretend he doesn't like me
(don't worry, theres adoration in his voice!)
and the littlest? Well, technically I haven't met her (unless you mean squeezing her womb "meeting"...) She will be along in the next 4 weeks, and I can guarantee that she will be just as sweet as her mom, and as smart as her dad!
Portland here we come!!

I am TH-to-the-RILLED!
(thats thrilled..)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I never wear lipstick. Like, never!
But today, for whatever reason, I have the sudden urge to run out and buy some wildly unnecessary flaming red or orange lipstick and rock it, just like these ladies!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

I am passionate about birth.
This is something that I have only realized in the past year.
I love seeing women empowered, encouraged and strengthened from their birth experience.
I believe that God created our bodies perfectly and with intention.
I believe that He has had birth figured out from the very beginning and that He wanted it to be a miracle.
I believe that (in almost every case) women know how to give birth and babies know how to be born, and its amazing, nothing short of breathtaking.
Now can I recommend a book? Like, highly highly recommend?
Ok good.
I encourage you to read this if you are pregnant, might someday be pregnant, love someone who is pregnant or just want to learn more!
YOU should read it!

Barbara Harper is amazing.
I love how she describes things and how real she is.