Thursday, August 30, 2012

Heading north..

We headed north last weekend. 
We went to dole out hugs and kisses to our kids (one last time) after the shabbat meeting, and also to visit with some dear friends who recently welcomed their fourth child into the world!

We spent some time at the sea (oh how we have missed it!) 

I give you baby J! So cute!!

Andrew was reunited with his biggest fan! Apparently she's my competition, she is in LOVE with Andrew! She tried to sleep in our bed (for Andrew) and showered kisses on him. Its adorable!  

Adorable baby faces! 

Andrew did hold him! Although not as much as me (the self-confessed baby snatcher/cuddle-master!) 

New toes! So cute! 

We were thrilled to be reunited with some of our precious kids! They swarmed us and were so excited to see us! It was precious! Needless to say, we had shadows the whole day! (One of the women actually cried when she saw me! Which made me tear up.)

We got to meet the newest baby (The one on the left, born just 3 hours after baby J!)
She wasn't very happy when I took this picture! The baby to her right is a month older than her! Not only is she petite, she is also a miracle!

Look at this gorgeous girl (and that hair!). Her life was supposed to end 3 months before she was born, then again the week before she was born. But God had other plans and preserved her life! Now mama and baby are doing wonderfully and so in love! 

It was such a wonderful weekend, we were reunited with precious lives, prompting us to remember that our time here was so so worth it. We are so thankful for the reminder! 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Exploring and floating!

Today we headed to Masada, which is just barely south of the Dead Sea. 
The 1.5 hour bus ride kind of kicked my butt. Turns out, when Im not sitting at the front of the bus, where I can see the road, I get car-sick! So instead of me looking out the window at the beautiful scenery, I was holding, white-knuckled onto the seat in front of me, using every ounce of strength to fight impulse know what I mean.

But no worries, once I got off the bus, I felt 100% better! 

Masada is amazing! The history is rich and its a must-see if you are ever in Israel! It was a fortress of King Herod, then occupied by rebel Jews, then breached by get the idea! Its amazing to walk around up there (and HOT, did I mention yet that it was so hot!)

Here is a metal model of Masada, the raised part in the middle is where we were on top of, we took a cable car up.

The zig-zag line is the "Snakes Trail" that you can hike up. It was closed today, since it was "abysmally" hot. 

Peeking out from one of the "windows." 

The view from the top. You can see the Dead Sea, a far way down!  

Trying not to melt! 

We walked on a path on the side, it must have been sketchy back in the day! 

The northern palace remains. 

The western palace remains. 

And onto, the Dead Sea! It was such an amazing experience! We took the bus (yes, I was car-sick again!) and jumped right in! It was so much fun, floating there! Its impossible to drown, but because of the salt, it completely throws you off balance! It was not refreshing at all, in fact, some parts were downright hot! A very strange but great experience! 

That is not snow, its salt formations on the rocks! 

Trying not to plunge my face into the water (it BURNS the eyes!) and working on that tank top tan! 

I love this picture! Andrew has never floated before, he was so excited to finally float!
And yes, it is that deserted in this area!  

He's loving it. 

More salt rocks! So crazy! 

So that was our day! We came home exhausted, dehydrated and loving life! Its so amazing to spend time exploring this unique country! 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Heavy on the pictures!

The last post was pretty heavy, so this post will also be heavy...on pictures! 
We walked on top of the old city walls, which was such a neat experience! We forgot to put on sunscreen, which we regretted later! 

On top of the wall:

The decent into Hezekiahs (or Siloam) Tunnels. It was dug before 701 BC, and was an aqua-duct to provide water to Jerusalem during an impending siege. The tunnel is 533 meters long and takes about 30-45 mins to walk through, in pitch black dark, with water up to your knees in parts. It was, easily, the highlight of our time in Jerusalem so far! Some parts required us to hunch over (and Andrew to almost bend in half!). Luckily Andrew brought 2 flashlights, Im glad I married a man who anticipates needs! 

Andrew always finds ways to get into trouble! 

We survived!  

We saw some ruins being excavated. It was so neat to see all the columns and walls being uncovered! 

Its hard to tell how big this place is, but trust us, its impressive!  

We, of course, had to do some jumping pictures in front of the old city walls. 

We went to Kind Davids tomb, where we saw this statue:

The room that they believe the last supper took place in: 

The beautiful old city walls! 

Andrew in front of the walls, showing you how tall they are! 

The view from the Mt of Olives. You can see the Dome of the Rock (the gold dome) and the walls of the old city around. 

We met up with some friends, Lisa and Serena. 

And saw this camel, he was waiting to give people rides.  

Lisa took him up on the offer!

I thought he was smiling at me, but then he started growling!  

The Garden of Gethesemane, where Yeshua prayed the night before he was crucified. They aren't sure that this is the actual garden, but its still neat to see.  

Andrew bought me this beautiful ring. I left my wedding rings in Canada, we didn't want to risk losing it or drawing unwanted attention. We found this beautiful opal ring and I love it! I am so blessed! 

So that was some of our adventures around the city! We love exploring this place and seeing all the places that have biblical significance. Its amazing to be walking in the valleys and cities that Yeshua walked in! Surreal, but amazing!