Monday, August 6, 2012

Life in the Old City.

We spent the day exploring the wonderful Old City! I was so in love with all the sights and sounds, I didn't take nearly as many pictures as I usually do! But we will be back soon, I will make sure to capture more of it. 
Here are a few, enjoy! 

This is from the outside of the Old City. You can see the walls crawling around to the right:

Jaffa gate: 

I thought that it was funny that they made change AND did tattoos: 

The tower of David: 

Spices in the arab market: 

The market! I loved it!  

Andrew made me take this picture..I wonder why? 

The Via Dolorosa, the route that Yeshua is believed to have taken through Jerusalem to Calvary.  

Enjoying some fresh pomegranate juice! 

The amazing Western Wall!

We enjoyed all the quarters!  

And, like usual, I wondered how on earth I managed to get my feet SO dirty!!  

We had an amazing day, Jerusalem is filled with history and biblical significance! We will enjoy exploring it this month! 

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