Sunday, August 19, 2012

Heavy on the pictures!

The last post was pretty heavy, so this post will also be heavy...on pictures! 
We walked on top of the old city walls, which was such a neat experience! We forgot to put on sunscreen, which we regretted later! 

On top of the wall:

The decent into Hezekiahs (or Siloam) Tunnels. It was dug before 701 BC, and was an aqua-duct to provide water to Jerusalem during an impending siege. The tunnel is 533 meters long and takes about 30-45 mins to walk through, in pitch black dark, with water up to your knees in parts. It was, easily, the highlight of our time in Jerusalem so far! Some parts required us to hunch over (and Andrew to almost bend in half!). Luckily Andrew brought 2 flashlights, Im glad I married a man who anticipates needs! 

Andrew always finds ways to get into trouble! 

We survived!  

We saw some ruins being excavated. It was so neat to see all the columns and walls being uncovered! 

Its hard to tell how big this place is, but trust us, its impressive!  

We, of course, had to do some jumping pictures in front of the old city walls. 

We went to Kind Davids tomb, where we saw this statue:

The room that they believe the last supper took place in: 

The beautiful old city walls! 

Andrew in front of the walls, showing you how tall they are! 

The view from the Mt of Olives. You can see the Dome of the Rock (the gold dome) and the walls of the old city around. 

We met up with some friends, Lisa and Serena. 

And saw this camel, he was waiting to give people rides.  

Lisa took him up on the offer!

I thought he was smiling at me, but then he started growling!  

The Garden of Gethesemane, where Yeshua prayed the night before he was crucified. They aren't sure that this is the actual garden, but its still neat to see.  

Andrew bought me this beautiful ring. I left my wedding rings in Canada, we didn't want to risk losing it or drawing unwanted attention. We found this beautiful opal ring and I love it! I am so blessed! 

So that was some of our adventures around the city! We love exploring this place and seeing all the places that have biblical significance. Its amazing to be walking in the valleys and cities that Yeshua walked in! Surreal, but amazing! 

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  1. Oh goodness I would be scared to walk through such a small space in the dark with all that water! Was the water clean?! any weird creatures? lol I am loving your photos and the new blog design! Loves!