Thursday, August 30, 2012

Heading north..

We headed north last weekend. 
We went to dole out hugs and kisses to our kids (one last time) after the shabbat meeting, and also to visit with some dear friends who recently welcomed their fourth child into the world!

We spent some time at the sea (oh how we have missed it!) 

I give you baby J! So cute!!

Andrew was reunited with his biggest fan! Apparently she's my competition, she is in LOVE with Andrew! She tried to sleep in our bed (for Andrew) and showered kisses on him. Its adorable!  

Adorable baby faces! 

Andrew did hold him! Although not as much as me (the self-confessed baby snatcher/cuddle-master!) 

New toes! So cute! 

We were thrilled to be reunited with some of our precious kids! They swarmed us and were so excited to see us! It was precious! Needless to say, we had shadows the whole day! (One of the women actually cried when she saw me! Which made me tear up.)

We got to meet the newest baby (The one on the left, born just 3 hours after baby J!)
She wasn't very happy when I took this picture! The baby to her right is a month older than her! Not only is she petite, she is also a miracle!

Look at this gorgeous girl (and that hair!). Her life was supposed to end 3 months before she was born, then again the week before she was born. But God had other plans and preserved her life! Now mama and baby are doing wonderfully and so in love! 

It was such a wonderful weekend, we were reunited with precious lives, prompting us to remember that our time here was so so worth it. We are so thankful for the reminder! 

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