Thursday, September 6, 2012

Petra hiking!

We spent the day exploring the amazing city of Petra! What a place! Its an ancient city, surrounded by mountains, caves, and deserts! We walked around for 7 hours before I begged Andrew to call it a day! I have to say, Petra is one of the most amazing places I have ever been too!! We hiked around for 12 kms in the desert. Does that say anything about how awesome it was?

In the "Sig", a 2km long valley between stone (up to 400 feet tall!) 

Its hard to tell how tall it really is! See the people? 

The first glimpse of the "Treasury"

See me jumping?! This place is HUGE!

There are thousands of caves! 

And the stone is all beautiful and swirly! 

Caves and tombs! 

He always goes where hes not allowed! sometimes I do too..

Starting the 800 steps up to the "Monastery"

I love him for his brains and brawn!

The monastery!

Also, gigantic! It is seriously amazing!

The view of "The end of the world", as they call it. You can see Israel at the very back! 

Drinking hot sweet tea at the top with a random Bedouin man, awesome!

Isn't it stunning?

The walls are so beautiful!  

So there you go! We highly recommend Petra if you are ever in Jordan! 


  1. i m getting jealous here.why is itthat them young people can see all those wonderful amazing things before us 'old'ones .not fair.I love your adventure that you guys are on,and we give God all the glory for giving the chance to do that and for keeping you safe

  2. i don't know if i have ever said "wow" so many times!