Saturday, September 8, 2012

5 for 5 months.

I meant to write this last week. 
But I didn't. 
So now I am! See how that goes? See a need, fill a need! (Name that movie!) 

Over the past couple weeks, we have been reflecting on our time in Israel. I cant count the number of times one of us has said "How is our time there over already?!"
5 months of our life. Time flies. 
And since I know people who love things that are even (Here's looking at you Amanda!) I thought I would drive her crazy and do this:

5 things we will never forget about Israel. 
(5 is an odd number Amanda, just in case you missed that..)

1. The kids. I will never forget the smiles, hugs, trust. It was a privilege to know them and have them depend on us. I think of them every day, wondering what trouble they are getting into, wondering if there are people taking care of them, praying that they know the love of their heavenly Father. 

2. The friends we made. We were so blessed in our friendships, people that we know we can always count on, and thats rare! We were so blessed to stay with some amazing guys in Jerusalem, a gift from God! These guys became family, brothers to us. The thing about Israelis is, they don't trust quickly, but once they trust you, they are loyal through thick and thin.

3. The food! We love to eat! We already miss the hummus and falafel! And the ice coffee!  

4. The history! We loved reading the bible, then walking through the streets, valleys or gardens! It makes everything so much more real, so tangible.

5. The lessons we learned. We were taught so much about grace, patience, the Holy Spirit and so much more! We learned about Gods plan for Israel and the importance of praying for the peace of Jerusalem. 

We will miss (almost) everything about Israel. It was a very important season in our life, and we are grateful for it! 
Now onto the next chapter, India!

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