Friday, September 7, 2012

Petra, take 2!

Our trip into Jordan was smooth (long) and went as well as it could have! The border didn't give us a second glance (thats always a good thing around here!) and we were across in 20 minutes! We shared a taxi to Wadi Musa, and we did end up getting ripped off. We weren't too upset about it, we were at our hotel safe, thats good enough for me! 

Today, we spend our second full day in Petra. Its just as beautiful the second day! We took a path which ended up not being a path and resulted in us wandering around in a river bed for a couple of hours! We did have a "guide" though, he was very helpful and cute too! 

Walking through the tunnel.

The colors are so beautiful!

We might have carved our name...

I do heart him! 

 When we finally found our way to the main trail, we hiked on and saw some giant tombs! 

Of course, I jumped!

It doesnt take too long, wandering around in the desert, to understand and appreciate the way these people wrap their heads in scarfs. I gave in and finally got one for myself, what a difference! 

A far way down to the main path!

Beautiful colors!!

We then took another "path' up 400 or so steps (seriously.) We found ourselves accidentally off the "path", stumbling through rocks and finding small dwellings and donkeys! The bedouins that live here are so quiet, you would never be able to find them if they didn't want you too!

We found a little friend!

We were rewarded with this amazing view of the Treasury from above! We were about 350 feet up!

There was a home from where we were looking down, I thought I would share its simplicity with you! 

We had another wonderful day, exploring this amazing place. Tomorrow we take a 3 hour bus ride north, where we will continue this adventure!

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  1. It is so exciting to see all these pictures! A whole other world out there than what we are used to....and you two are exploring it together! I just want to THANK-YOU so much, Edolbina, for taking the time to write this blog and sharing some of Gods' awesome, beautiful creation with all of us!
    Love you Both