Saturday, September 15, 2012

Onward to Ongole!

After a 7 hour, hair-raising drive, we arrived safely in Ongole! There were many times that our lives flashed before our eyes, but we laughed it off and were assured that driving like this is normal here! In the 7 hours we encountered:
-Many men relieving themselves (you guys, #1 AND #2!!!) on the side of the road, for all to see!
-A protest that stopped all traffic and ended with hundreds of people pushing around our car (terrifying!) as we squeezed through!
-Monkeys, cows, water buffalo, and goats on the road. (Not deterred by horns or cars either)
-A cutlery-free buffet lunch, spicy food the only option! Its fun to eat with only hands, makes you feel like a kid again! 
 -Countless close encounters with cars, trucks, people and animals. The close encounters where you tense your whole body, hold your breath, grab the door handle and stomp your foot on the imaginary brake! 
-Plenty of laughs as we try to communicate in a completely foreign language!

We are now settled into our apartment and thanking the good Lord that we have an air conditioner. Its louder than an oncoming train and, with electricity being so sparse, we can only use it for a few hours a day. But still!! We are so thankful! The humidity here is really high (almost always over 65%) and makes the already-hot weather, even hotter! 

We have our own bathroom, complete with our very own bucket for showers/flushing the toilet.
And, do you want to hear the very best part?!?!
We have a real toilet!
I know, I know, life is just too good right now! 

India has been one grand adventure so far. We are feeling very far away from home right now. 

My apologies for no photos. I am trying to upload them, but it is not working (or will take at least 4 hours for 3 pictures) so I will wait for another day. 

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