Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Leaving on a jet plane...again...

I meant to write this last night. 
But then the power went out (and the internet along with it) for a few hours and I gave up and went to to sleep instead! 

We are in the middle of packing right now. As I write this, Andrew is stuffing underwear into his shoes. (oh how I love this man who can pack!)
 Yep, we are those people! 

We fly this afternoon to the glorious, loud country of India! 
Its surreal that this day is finally here! I have wanted to go to India since I was in elementary school. I had so many friends from there and I wanted to experience it first hand. The food, the people, the scenery and chaos. I get to so excited just thinking about it! 
Bring it on!! 

Of course, we are thrilled to spend time with some very special people, which I am sure you will hear plenty about! 
Thank you for your prayers so far, they have been so felt! We honestly would not have survived so far without Gods guidance and grace! 
We are so blessed to have wonderful support back home and we know that we do not go alone. While it is us that go, we feel strongly that we represent so many of you. You have sowed into this and into us, and we are so grateful! 

Well I better wrap this up, my bag isn't going to pack itself. (Any inventors out there? That would be handy tool!) 
We will send an email ,or possibly a quick post, when we get to Hyderabad. We will have very limited internet, so please bear with us! 

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