Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New hair!

I forgot to say, I chopped my hair off! It was a tough decision (harder to make than I thought or would like to admit) but the decision was made, said and done!

In case you wondered, Andrew was so for my hair getting chopped, which really surprised me! He has always talked about how much he loves my long hair! But I think he saw how uncomfortable I was, besides, my hair is in a ponytail 100% of the time (blame the dust, heat, humidity and lice!) so he rarely saw it! 
 I was the one who kept saying no to short hair, worried that he wouldn't like it.But he was for it and now he LOVES it. 
He keeps running his fingers through my hair and staring at me.

Maybe a little too much....
Naw, lets be honest, who wouldn't blush with that kind of attention! :)

I think it was the right choice, I feel free-er already! 

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  1. It is lovely!!! I'm so happy Andrew likes it too! It was a hard enough decision for me to get like 2 inches cut off of my hair! It feels like such a risk, but your hair looks great!! And I know how lovely having it out of the way and out of your face must feel!! <3