Tuesday, October 2, 2012

He is always enough.

I wrote this the other day, I actually ended up sharing it with Casting Crowns because, lets be honest, God always deserves glory and everyone likes to be complimented! Also, I think Casting Crowns is a genuine, believing group that needs to be encouraged and appreciated! So here, I thought I would share what I wrote with you! 

Thank you for this song. 
My husband and I are currently working in India, in a small town called Ongole. We work with orphans that have special needs. These children have been abused, abandoned, thrown aside and have little value to most in India. Daily we minister to them. We feed, groom, love, teach, and cuddle with the least of these. God brought us here to break down our "Kingdom of Me", take us completely out of our comfort zone and be radically changed. India is not an easy place to be. The noises, smells and mass amounts of people is enough to break even the most seasoned traveller. Add to that the hopelessness, poverty, worship of false gods and abuse, you have a perfect place for the Lord to challenge and change you! 
When I listen to this song, I am so encouraged, even after(or in the middle!) of a long day. This song reminds us why we are doing what we do! 
We were in the middle of a tough day today and my wise husband put on some worship music. "Always Enough" came on and I was moved to tears. It was all so real in that moment. The rain poured outside, resulting in no power inside. We were in a dark room, 2 tiny candles lighting our space and 4 precious children. We are teaching them to walk, building muscles and courage. Teaching them that someone loves them, that they are worth our time. In the most helpless moments, where you feel discouraged that you will even be able to make a difference in their lives, God is there. He is always enough to keep us going. When this place overwhelms us with its sea of shattered ones, He reminds us of His goodness and faithfulness. 

In a dry and weary land
Lord, You are the rain

In a sea of shattered ones
Your love comes rushing in

You hold the world within Your hands
And see each tear that falls
Through every fire and every storm
You're always enough, always enough

Your love is peace to the broken
Faith for the widow, hope for the orphan, strength for the weak
Your love is the anthem of nations, rings out through the ages
And You're always enough for me

You keep my heart in perfect peace
My life is in Your hands
When confusion hides my way
You're always enough, always enough
-Casting Crowns

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