Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ability Camp update!

Ability camp has been going really well!
Jasmine has been pretty stubborn this week, we think she is coming down with something. It was hard to get her to walk, she was coughing and whining a lot. We pushed through and she finally gave in and did well! But after, she was just exhausted! I think I caught my head cold from her!  

Dinah has a rough week, she seems to have come down with something as well, and was very sluggish and whiny (which isn't like her). She did walk really well for Andrew, but needed a lot of time to rest in between (and plenty of cuddles!) 

We are seeing so much improvment in Cedar already! He is sitting up straight for longer, he is bearing weight (although he doesnt like too) and not whining as much! He is not a fan of the walker, but we will keep using it, I think its a great tool for him! 
In this picture, Andrews face says "See! I told you that you could do it!"

 I love this little girl, Heidi. She just cracks me up! I thought I would add these pictures, for your enjoyment (and mine too!) 

Angel and Heidi are like 2 old women, chattering away, sitting on the porch and watching life go by. They had both just woken up, hence the crazy hair! I love them! 

Our 4 kids got dropped of really late one day, so I coloured with the other kids.

And they LOVE when I let them watch Dora with Lily:

This girl constantly amazes me with her energy, joy and determination! She loves to learn (we taught her some sign language this week and she uses it!) and is so proud of herself. We are SO proud of her too!
 On another note: I spend an hour yesterday combing out lice in her hair. 
You guys. 
It was crazy. I have NEVER seen so many live in. my. life. 
How does she not go crazy!? I had combed her hair last week (got a bunch out) and then lost the comb. Yesterday I combed out hundred of lice. Hundreds. And she so sweetly sat there, not complaining as I squealed and shuddered! 

Oh Cedar, what a little handsome man. 

And Jasmines choices for sleeping continually amaze me! 

Lily, Andrew and I were playing "runaway", which involved Lily "running" away and me chasing her. She loves those kind of games. She fell over so many times, just from laughing so hard! What a cutie! 

And look at this little guy! When you sit him on the stairs, he sits up so tall and doesnt slump down! What an amazing discovery! He happily sat there, listening to us chase Lily for 20 minutes! 

We are really pleased with how well things are going so far. We are feeling more confident in our abilities to help them. Its funny how we think we are here to teach them, but they teach us SO much.

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