Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dental clinic!

We are so excited to be back at work! 
We thought this week would be just like normal, with ability camp. 
But no. 
There is a retired dentist here right now, who travels around the world and does free dental clinics! He is here for 4 days and is doing dental for ALL of our kids! What a blessing! 
Since we were available and willing, Andrew and I have been assisting him! 
Day 1: 
Andrew was in charge of shuttling the kids from the clinic to the main home (Victory Home). I spent the day beside the chair, brushing teeth, handing tools, getting bitten, kissing tears, restraining arms. You know, the norm! 
What an amazing experience. It is tough sometimes, the kids dont understand why we are poking them with a needle (to freeze their mouth) or tugging at teeth (extractions) so they cry. Or scream. Or punch. It makes my heart so sad, but I know its for the best. Some of them have extreme pain from rotting teeth. Its not a pretty job, but I LOVE it! 
It is such a reminder of how much I love the action, the medical side of things (although I would much prefer that I was catching babies!) and how alive and passionate I get about it! 
We did 24 kids in the clinic, then went to one of the baby houses, checked teeth and did 1 extraction there, a busy day! 

Andrew waiting with some of the kids:

They are always so happy when they first get into the chair:

This was a particularly hard one. It took a long time and a lot of us holding the poor girl down (Don't worry, she was completely numb, just scared! Poor thing, breaks the heart) 

Dr John with the banner. India is big on banners!

The hospital across the street. I laughed because the baby looks like its head it detached. Don't bring your babies there!

Day 2 was pretty much the same, except now we felt more organized, more comfortable with the procedures and order of things. We cranked out 46 kids today! At least 40 tooth extractions in there! I got bitten 3 times. (Gotta get faster at pulling my hand out when I shove the gauze in!) 
I am feeling more confident and anticipating what tools the dentist needs and when (I even learned some of the tool names!) and was even asked if I was the dentist!
 Haha. No. 
But let me tell you, you only have to see a few tooth extractions to make you take a vow to ALWAYS brush and floss and NEVER go to the dentist again. 

I was SO excited to get this little man in my chair! Cedar! Its been 7 days since I have seen him (being sick sucks!) and we were both thrilled to be together, AND his teeth are perfect, one of the best mouths we saw! I cant believe how much I have missed my kids! 

Sometimes you have to call the muscles in. Eric (on the left) isnt too fond of dentist or blood or "forceps" and chooses to look away often. Wise man. I was proud of him for being willing to help, even though he was out of his comfort zone! Go Eric!

Lunch was eaten on a paper mat on the floor. Spicy curries and 2 pounds of rice! It was delicious!

Like I said, they are always happy when they first get in the chair! This guy was still happy after 2 extractions! What a trooper!

Im so proud of how well all the kids did (well, most of the kids) and grateful to be able to help so practically with them! 

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  1. We are so proud of you guys! You have become dental assistants without years of schooling!
    We are so happy to hear and "see" that you are both healthy again!