Monday, October 8, 2012

Another day in our life!

I thought I would share some pictures of our day! 
We had Ability Camp, which went really well! The kids are so much fun and know us know, allowing us to push them harder!
 Cedar is standing up for longer now (when we first started, he wouldn't hold his weight at all!) and can stand up tall so well! He is sitting for longer as well! We finally got the walker this evening, so we will start with the walker on weds! 

Lily is so eager to walk, dance and even run! Today we ran around, chasing one of the nurses! Lily was laughing so hard that she kept falling down! We went all around the house (twice) and up and down the stairs 4 times! Lily needs support but bears most of her weight! I couldn't believe it when she started walking up those stairs!!

Jasmine is so steady walking! Occasionally she will walk with just one hand holding her, but as soon as I try to let go, she falls to the ground. I know she is capable of walking alone, but she is very afraid. Shes a happy girl though, she loves her cuddles!  
Jasmine has the amazing ability to fall asleep in the oddest places! 
What a funny girl! 

We spent some of our day entertaining this little one too. She had the day off school and was insistent of spending time with us! Lily and her get along great, chasing each other around the room (adorable!) 
She is fake crying in this photo. Shes a bit of a drama queen. She goes from tear to laugher in 0.2 seconds! 

A pretty accurate picture of our day! Andrew working with Cedar, Dinah rolling around on the floor (waiting for her turn to walk) and Lily in the back, getting into the cupboards! Oh and the other random kids coming in and out of our "office", no matter how many times we shut the door! 

We found out that Cedar likes bananas! He has been refusing to eat ANYTHING while with us, which is not cool! But he wolfed down 2 bananas today! Such a relief to find something! 

The girls, patiently waiting for Andrew to feed them bananas! Its a good thing we bought a bunch! 

She is a fascinating girl! 

A typical lunch. Except this time I found a spoon to feed the kids with! Yay! 

She is such a sweet little girl! 

I love this little one. Her wild hair, how hard you have to work for that smile, her serious faces when shes "talking" to you. Precious. 

It was a great day! We are learning about how to best push our 4 to achieve more daily! They are such a joy (as are the others at this home!) and we are blessed to spend so much time with them! 

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