Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Phinally some Photos! (see what I did there?!)

My super amazing, oh so handsome husband fixed the blog! (or whatever was wrong with it!) and I can post pictures again!!! I was so happy, I sang my own version of Jingle Bells but the words were more "zippy do da, pictures on the blog, hey!"
Any-who, try to keep up, as I will be posting many pictures (and some words too) in the immediate future! We have much to discuss! 

Today we were at Victory Home, helping with a photo shoot. We, of course, took the time to cuddle with out 4 kiddos, but got plenty of time in with the other kids too! 

There are plenty of hugs to be given! 

This little dude is so happy and sweet! Here he is doing "Wandinaloo" which is how we greet each other here! 

The photo shoot!

She snatched Andrews candy. Right then. It was so funny and sad for him! 

Seriously, happiest kid ever. He was stoked over this grocery bag! 

The local barber shop (I wish I was kidding!) 

This sign is funny for a number of reasons. 1: Its a fried chicken place, called CNC. The theme? "What ever". 
2: They have signatures of famous people everywhere. As if these people would eat here! 
3: The people that they have signatures of? RANDOM! 

Yeah. Adolf Hitler. Just the guy you want to be eating chicken with! 

The spelling of Mother Theresa cracks. me. up.

It was POURING buckets while we were eating chicken! 

During the Ganesh festival (the elephant god, you can see him on that statue) the streets were even louder and more crowded than normal! 

This girl is solidly in our hearts. 

Street food! Enough food for us for dinner is about 80 cents. 

Precious boy!

A rare smile from this little one! 

She is so sweet. Whenever we arrive at her house, she runs to us with arms wide open! 

We had a good laugh at these! 

Spot the baby cow? They eat (and sleep on!) garbage in the streets. 

Let every breath. 

When Andrew is walking with more than one woman, people here look at him like "Wow, 3 beautiful wives? Lucky man!"

A street view. Daily life here! 

I cant wait to update you all about Ability Camp! Tomorrow is the 3rd official day and we are so excited for each day to start! But that will have to keep until tomorrow night. Its late and this lass is heading to bed! 

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