Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thank Pinterest once again! 
Michelle and I had a quick and fun time cranking out these stars! Arent they cute?! I love crafting with best friends! It makes me long that the road was alot shorter between my house and hers! 

Im in love. 
I mean, Ive been in love for a while, with my husband.
But Im NEWLY in love.
With her. 
You remember her?

Well Im lucky enough to spend a few days with her, her mama and even her papa!
And oh, I am so happy! 
She has been woo-ing me since I got here! (Here being Portland) 
You should see the little smiling eyes she sends my way! 
That, combines with the chubbiest little cheeks! And those giggles! 
Well, she is just puuuuuuure de-light! 
And since I know our time is limited, as all good things must come to an end,
(Why oh why must they end!?)
I am soaking it up! 
Sopping it up like I sopped up the sauce from my delicious pulled pork dinner! 
Drinking it in like I drank in my delicious peppermint latte! 
Eating it up like I ate up my fig-with-goat-cheese-and-bacon snack!
Enjoying it like.....
well, I think you get the point! 
(The point being, Michelles cooking is waaaay too good!) 

I am so glad that I got to come down and spend a few precious days with them.
Cuz if you think shes cute, you should see her mama! 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I am on the hunt for a watch and who knew there are so many options?! 
I am looking for something for our trip next year. 
It has to be waterproof and have an alarm, but I DONT want some giant G-shock that looks like Im back in 1999! (You know the ones. Admit it, you all had one!) 
Here are some that I am considering:

I am in love with Nixon right now, although this one (and many of their other options) doesnt have an alarm. 

The tortoiseshell! I love love love this Michael Kors watch. (but once again, no alarm)

Its so much fun preparing for our trip. It feels like a lifetime away, but also, we have so much to do. Taking steps to get ready is very exciting! 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

I can hardly catch my breath. This is so funny. I have replayed it so many times! Enjoy!

Monday, September 19, 2011

This post is late. But oh well! 
Angela and I took a short (less than 48 hours) down to Portland to meet out beautiful (quasi) niece! 
She's is even more beautiful than I imagined! 
Heres a few pictures of my cuddles with her! 

Like I've said a million times over, I love her! 

The hubby and I also have been getting chances to babysit my adorable nephew Cody! He's getting so chubby and adorable! He's smiling when I walk into the room now (I like to think that he knows me) and laughing tons! 

 He is a joy to our family and we are blessed to know him! 

Have I told you lately that I love you?

This lady? I LOVE her. (Notice the bump? Thats my little Claire Bear!) 

This picture? I love this picture because it means precious time together.

This poor little one? Mom, auntie Angela and auntie Edolbina are mean and wanted a picture of her next to a pumpkin. 

This look makes me heart melt. Best friends with babies? Be still my sentimental heart! 

Do you see those cheeks! This picture actually makes my heart hurt. Oh how I love her. 

This man? Well, he's just being adorable and spent time cuddling with the little one.
 (Hes in love with her too!) 

I am so thankful for every moment with Michelle and Claire. I know it is a matter of time until the only time I see them will be on skype. It is amazing to hold this little one, to see her smile and giggle. She's a product of Michelle and Spencer, two dear friends and I love her!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Faith is risking what is for what is yet to be.
It is taking small steps knowing they lead to bigger ones.
Faith is holding on when you want to let go.

It is letting go when you want to hold on.

Faith is hearing God’s yes
when everything else says no.

It is believing all things are possible
in the midst of impossibilities.
Faith is looking beyond what is
for what is yet to be.
It is seeing the Light in darkness,
the presence of God in all.

~ Ellen M. Cuomo

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What a crazy couple weeks we have had!
We made it to Mexico and back safely! We had a wonderful time, worked extremely hard and were completely exhausted by the time we got back. But it was worth it.
We finished the house!
What a blessing it was to hand over those keys.
The family was overwhelmed, as were we. Its always humbling to be used by God, such a reminder of His love and grace in our lives.
Heres our lovely team:
The sweet family that we built the house for:

The "house" they lived in before we built them one:
My amazing co-leader!

We had a "fun" day in San Diego before our flight home and I was so happy to see an old friend of mine. We met in Australia, where we were bunk-mates, and then spent 3 months in SE Asia together. It was so refreshing and exciting to see her!

Once we got home, we had 2 short nights in our comfy bed, then we went camping for the weekend with family, which I will talk about later.

OH, and while we were in Mexico?
This dear friend on mine had a baby girl!

Welcome to the world Claire bear, you are so loved already!
On the day she was born (Sunday) I just HAD to mark our work day somehow:

Tomorrow a friend and I are heading down to Portland to welcome Claire properly. It will be a quick trip, but I am so happy to be able to spend a little bit of time with Claire and Michelle.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Tomorrow we are leaving on a jet plane
($20 says you are singing the song in your head!)

Its been a pretty crazy ride so far, so many hours of preparation!
But its here, and Im thankful we have survived so far!

There are 12 of us going to Mexico, and somehow I ended up leading them.
We are going to meet, minister and build a house.
I'm oh-so-excited to see my youth step out of their comfort zone!
God has plans for each of them, and I'm blessed to be a witness to this part of it!

Can you pray for us? We need prayer.
Prayer for travelling mercies, that the border lineup wont take the predicted 6 hours.
Prayer for health. My back is currently not doing well, but Im in faith that God will give me enough grace each day to survive.

But most of all, prayer that God moves and salvation would happen.
Thats what this is all about.
Its about leading people into relationship with Christ.
Its about seeing lives changed and salvation given.
Like I said, Im so blessed to be a part of this team!

And away we go!
See you when we get back!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I have seen this video before, but every time I watch it, I cry.
Its so beautiful and calm.
I love the moms reaction to seeing her baby for the first time, I love watching dad cry behind her, I love when her daughter meets the new baby. What a beautiful way to capture a birth.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Add this to my list of dreams...

A house with a secret passageway?!
The 7-year old me in just squealed!
Yes please!
This is in Tom and Laura McNeal's Southern California home, how exciting!

(Photos by laurejoliet.com
via melissabxoxo.blogspot.com)


I came home last night after a LONG 4 days away for work.
It was challenging and I have never been so glad to so my husband.
(He is so handsome after all!)

How do I sum up my week?
Lets see....
Hot weather and a broken air conditioner.
Time spent with a family where everyone smokes like a chimney, curses like a sailor and just generally yells at each other and hurls insults.
Did I mention that I get major headaches from cigarette smoke?
Good times.
A heavy wheelchair that I got to push, a 6-year olds birthday party, where the parents smoked something OTHER than cigarettes, and a sleazy guy who hit on me constantly even though I told him I was happily married, over and over again!

Yup, that about sums it up!
But it wasn't all bad!
I found an AMAZING little shop full of delightful vintage items!
The owner has collected "treasures" all her life and then realized she has way to many (sound familiar?!) so she opened a shop!
I restrained myself and only bought 4 things (activated will power!)
Wanna see?

A sweet TINY necklace, I think it represents gardening...

A funny dish, Im going to hang it in our kitchen!
(Notice how they are all blonde? Foreshadowing!)

This is for my sister-in-law. She loves white and old country charm. Perfect!

A random pillow with 3 bears embroidered on it! I have no idea where it came from or who made it, but I love it!

See? Self control!

And tonight?
Well tonight we get to see some of our very favourite people!
She is sweet, caring, an amazing cook and very pregnant!
(Pretty too! But no, she's not for sale)
He is smart, funny and likes to pretend he doesn't like me
(don't worry, theres adoration in his voice!)
and the littlest? Well, technically I haven't met her (unless you mean squeezing her womb "meeting"...) She will be along in the next 4 weeks, and I can guarantee that she will be just as sweet as her mom, and as smart as her dad!
Portland here we come!!

I am TH-to-the-RILLED!
(thats thrilled..)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I never wear lipstick. Like, never!
But today, for whatever reason, I have the sudden urge to run out and buy some wildly unnecessary flaming red or orange lipstick and rock it, just like these ladies!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

I am passionate about birth.
This is something that I have only realized in the past year.
I love seeing women empowered, encouraged and strengthened from their birth experience.
I believe that God created our bodies perfectly and with intention.
I believe that He has had birth figured out from the very beginning and that He wanted it to be a miracle.
I believe that (in almost every case) women know how to give birth and babies know how to be born, and its amazing, nothing short of breathtaking.
Now can I recommend a book? Like, highly highly recommend?
Ok good.
I encourage you to read this if you are pregnant, might someday be pregnant, love someone who is pregnant or just want to learn more!
YOU should read it!

Barbara Harper is amazing.
I love how she describes things and how real she is.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

I dont listen to current music/radio so I have no idea if this song is overplayed, but I just heard it for the first time and I have to say... AMEN!

I am OBSESSED. I love her.

I dont have a tattoo (yet).
The closest I have come was making an appointment when I was living in Perth, Australia.
I realized shortly after I made the appointment that I had VERY limited money and should probably NOT spend $200, especially since I had been sleeping on the beach to avoid paying a hostel for the night (another story, for another time).

The husband and I have been looking into getting something done, and these are some pics of ones that I LOVE. What do you think?

(All images from tattoologist.com)