Monday, July 25, 2011

Tomorrow we are leaving on a jet plane
($20 says you are singing the song in your head!)

Its been a pretty crazy ride so far, so many hours of preparation!
But its here, and Im thankful we have survived so far!

There are 12 of us going to Mexico, and somehow I ended up leading them.
We are going to meet, minister and build a house.
I'm oh-so-excited to see my youth step out of their comfort zone!
God has plans for each of them, and I'm blessed to be a witness to this part of it!

Can you pray for us? We need prayer.
Prayer for travelling mercies, that the border lineup wont take the predicted 6 hours.
Prayer for health. My back is currently not doing well, but Im in faith that God will give me enough grace each day to survive.

But most of all, prayer that God moves and salvation would happen.
Thats what this is all about.
Its about leading people into relationship with Christ.
Its about seeing lives changed and salvation given.
Like I said, Im so blessed to be a part of this team!

And away we go!
See you when we get back!