Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I am on the hunt for a watch and who knew there are so many options?! 
I am looking for something for our trip next year. 
It has to be waterproof and have an alarm, but I DONT want some giant G-shock that looks like Im back in 1999! (You know the ones. Admit it, you all had one!) 
Here are some that I am considering:

I am in love with Nixon right now, although this one (and many of their other options) doesnt have an alarm. 

The tortoiseshell! I love love love this Michael Kors watch. (but once again, no alarm)

Its so much fun preparing for our trip. It feels like a lifetime away, but also, we have so much to do. Taking steps to get ready is very exciting! 

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  1. i enjoy that you blog about watches. my advice is that since you are trying to pack light you should get the one that offers the most but is still super cool!