Saturday, September 8, 2012

Wadi Musa.

I kindasorta skipped sharing pictures of our trip across the border.  Thought Id play catch-up! 
Andrew took this picture of me on our way down south in Israel. The bus was air conditioned (hence, I was wearing a sweater!) but outside was HOT and humid! The camera fogged right up!

I dont look very happy...its because I had taken a gravol (I get car sick) and it makes me super groggy!

Already out of Israel, about to enter "No mans land".

A random guy insisted on taking this picture, then insisted that Andrew crouch so as not to block the "Welcome to Jordan" sign.

We are welcom in Jordan...

Nothing like avoiding road kill..aka camels! 

Wadi Musa, from our rooftop!

We loved watching the sun set every evening, while drinking mate. It was peaceful. 

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