Friday, September 14, 2012

Welcome to India!

After a great sleep, we were ready to go out and explore! We went out for food and ate a bacon chicken burger! Thats right, BACON! We haven't had any in months and months! It was delicious! 
We then headed to an open air market. It was great! 
It was hard to resist the colourful fabrics, but luckily Andrew usually holds the money in his wallet, (wise wise man!) so we made it out with minimal damage! 

The trees were really cool.  

I get some henna done! The women are so fast at it and the designs, so intricate! 

Impressive, it took under 10 minutes! 

We were excited to see grass! 

Andrew is a star, with his height and blonde hair. I cant even count how many pictures he posed for! He's nice and says yes, while I tend to run away and hide! We'll see how long that lasts!

I thought I would share this picture. Looks like a normal shower right? WRONG! Do you see the outlet on the right side? 
Thats an electrical outlet. In. The. Shower! 
Umm hello electrocution chamber!

Anyway, that was some of our day! We loved our first day here, it was a bit crazy (traffic is wild!) and we are so looking forward to getting to Ongole tomorrow evening! We cant wait to meet the little ones and start forging friendships!

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  1. I love that you got a burger in India! haha way to take in the culture and experience their food :) And the shower outlet saves time! Wash and blowdry and all one!