Monday, August 13, 2012

5 things to look forward too (1st edition)

When I travel, I inevitably come up with a list of things I am looking forward to doing when I get back to Canada. It changes as we go, and I rarely end up doing all the things on the list! But its fun, so I thought I would share! 

1. (Ill get the obvious ones out of the way first) Seeing family and friends, cuddling with my nephew and quasi-neices (AND meeting my new niece or nephew!!)

2. Going to the grocery store and having more than one choice of something! Oh and also, not going broke when I go to said store!

3. Fixing up Camille, my, ahem, our 1973 VW Westfalia.

Im thinking (read: DREAMING) about turning her into this:


or perhaps something like this:

4. Eating cheddar cheese! And my moms cooking! Yum!


5. Enjoying the beautiful mountains around our city. We are so blessed by natural beauty in Canada! Im really looking forward to hiking with my sister, camping and being outside (without melting!)

There is so much to look forward too, but we are certainly enjoying our time away for now. It makes coming home all the sweeter! 

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