Saturday, September 4, 2010

A beautiful day in June.

I have a confession....
Ive been hoarding my wedding pictures.
Ive shown then to 6 people so far.

I cant really explain why, except that they are so personal. I treasure every moment, and our photographer captured those moments perfectly.
When I show them to people, I feel like Im letting them look into my heart, at the most joyful and carefree day.
Like I said, they're personal.
The pictures are beautiful.

Ive also been wanting to have them blown up and insist on the masses looking at them, they are so stunning!

So you can see, Ive been torn.
But, seeing that it had been almost 3 months since the wedding, Ive decided that now it a good time to share them.
So lets start with some fun portraits, Ill slowly add more pictures as time goes by.
One step at a time ok?


  1. Your pictures are beautiful, thanks for sharing them.

  2. What gorgeous photos! The one of you two by the stream is beautiful.