Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"How was Haiti?"
That's, by FAR, the most common question Ive been asked over the past two weeks.
And honestly, I don't really know how to answer it!
All of the above!
My time in Haiti is a time I will never forget.
Not an hour goes by that I don't think about the kids in the orphanage.
(Unless Im sleeping...then Im not thinking about anything!)
Their eyes and smiles are etched into my heart!
I think about something they said or did and I smile.
I think about the daily struggles they have and I cry.
I pray for them and hold them in my heart.
My trip to Haiti was amazing.
It was incredible to experience it with one of my best friends, to have her beside me.
That in itself was awesome!
Throw in a country that is beautiful and children that love without holding back and you have a trip that will be burned into my memory forever!
We were so blessed and protected our entire trip.
Our flights were (looong) good and went smoothly, we got all our luggage easily, and we settled in quickliy. Within 10 minutes of being at the orphanage, I was holding a little boy and my heart was gone!
We only had 10 days there and it FLEW by!
We built benches and painted a large balcony. We put together food bags and distributed it to the poor. We played games and sang songs. We danced and laughed. We cried and struggled.
I fell in love with Haiti and with the Haitian people.
They are incredible and no matter what the news says, Haiti is NOT dark and deadly.
Its a beautiful place, full of life and joy! God is moving and working and I am so blessed to have been there!
(I will post pictures and more stories soon, thanks for your patience!!)
Again, Im sorry I havent been posting lately.
Besides work and work, Ive also been working alot.
(In other words, I need a day off!)
And on that note, I have to make some dinner!
Have a happy day!

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