Tuesday, April 5, 2011

While the hubby is finishing school, we are living between two houses and two cities.

I spend 7 days with him, sleeping in and going for runs, then leave him to go "home" and spend 7 days working and without him.

Take a guess at which 7 days I prefer...

It will pass quickly, I know. Only 5 more months.

But also..

5 MORE MONTHS! Are you kidding me?!

But it really is ok (I guess....)

God has been so faithful and kind, keeping me busy and my mind off

how much I miss the man.

In other news!

We are in the midst of planning/leading a missions trip to Mexico too.

The flights have been booked and everything is a go!

We will be going down as a group of 11. While we will be building a house for a family, our focus is really to bring the love of Jesus with us. We want to impact their lives, not just with the house, but with His love and forgiveness.

I always feels so blessed to be the hands and feet that get to go and bring the love of Jesus to different nations!

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