Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Back in the great white north!

We are baaaaaaccccckkkkk!! 
Thats right, we are on canadian soil! 
It was 28 hours of travelling (plus some wait time) and over 52 hours with no sleep. 
Ill say that again.
52 hours with no sleep. 
Well, granted, I did pass out for a few minutes in a Chinese airport. I woke up in a panic when someone walked by and I thought they were stealing my passport. 

Arriving in Canada was so so sweet. I had been (almost) able to contain my excitement up until we got off the plane. Then, walking through that last stretch, to where my parents were waiting, I thought I was having a heart attack. Literally, I grabbed my chest, turned to Andrew and said "I think Im having a heart attack!" He told me Im fine and we kept going. 
We only told our parents when we were arriving, so it was quite the thrill to surprise people! I love their reactions and hugs! 

So here we are, me, bundled up, attempting to acclimatize my body. Andrew, overjoyed at the amount of food around him. 
We are so thankful to be back in this beautiful country, with our family and friends. Those fears that I was talking about? 
Well, they were just that. 
I know the culture shock will hit, I might weep in the pickle aisle (like a friend of mine did) but for now, life is extra sweet. God is so so good. 

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