Monday, January 25, 2010

2010 so far...

Well, we are only 25 days into 2010 and I have to say, its been a great year already!
Heres some of my favorite memories so far!

Date night at El Nopal with Spencer and Michelle. Anytime we hang out with them, its just bound to be good times! From delicious food, amazing drinks, an adorable new friend who said "meow"(see above pic) and lots of laughs, our date night did not disappoint!

After dinner, we decided to take the party to our new (and VERY empty) condo. After a quick stop at the liquor store (where a homeless man threw his bike on top of Michelles car), we partied it up in style at Le House of Wiebe!

Also so far in 2010, Ive discovered that the family that Im marrying into is much more high class than myself...heres an example:

Thats right, ironing in 3 inch heels. Downright classy.

Andrew and I also had quite the adventure the other day with one of my best friends, Jessi, Taylor and Sean. Have you heard about this movie..whats it called...starts with an "A"...oh yeah thats right, AVATAR!!
Well, Jessi convinced us that we should go, so we headed out to Langley at 5PM! (did I mention that the movie started at 1015!!!), had a delicious dinner, then became those crazy people who show up to movies HOURS early! and was it worth it? HECK YES IT WAS!!! Avatar in 3D = Awesome!

I like how andrew is on the end, having NO idea whats going on. Hes cute.

I can never pull off a serious face...I just look angry.

So there you go..a bit of 2010 so far. There really is so much more to look forward too!
Andrew and I are going to Paraguay for a month in Feb, not to mention that we are getting married in June! And thats just the first half! So, to 2010 I say "Glad you could come, lets have fun!"

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