Friday, January 22, 2010

New year, new adventures, new discoveries!

Well well well.
I protested for a few years.
I swore I was different, that I would be one to stand up under all the pressure and resist!
but alas, turns out I am not strong enough to resist the call of being a "blogger!"
So here I go, writing my first blog!
Exciting so far? Im riveted!

If you plan on reading this on a fairly regular basis, I should warn you about a few things:
1. Im bad at spelling. My apologies to all you english teachers! (Im ESL, you have to forgive me)
2. Im will probably turn out to be a "binge blogger" as my friend Spencer calls it.
3. I will probably post some random blogs that have NOTHING to do with ANYTHING and that will probably include some inappropriate information. Blame my friends.

With all that said, welcome. Make yourself comfortable!

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