Saturday, February 6, 2010

A few fond memories.

This is Alira. Shes one of the little girls that I facepainted at our Carnival. We held a carnival in our last week in Jakarta, over 50 kids showed up! It was incredible to see God working through something so simple as games, music and laughter. Joy is a beautiful and powerful thing.

The children in Indonesia are beautiful and welcoming, always wanting to play.

We got to go to a Safari and feed animals. I also got to hold a monkey! He was very energetic and climbed all over me!

I also got to hold a cheetah!

I also got to fulfill and lifelong dream of petting an elephant!!!

and a bit later, I almost cried with joy when I got to ride an elephant. Its something that I have always wanted to do! It was so much fun, and very bumpy!

I had the most beautiful, crazy, fun, amazing team! They are family to me.

and the most amazing translator, Fendi. He became like a brother to me. (His plate says "Fendi loves Bina". Indonesians have trouble saying my full name, I was always called Bina there.)

Well thats enough for tonight. Its late. But there are a million more memories that I could share! Maybe some other day! Ta-ta for now!

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