Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A small green country.

Its about time that I posted some pictures of our recent trip to Paraguay! Heres a few on my favorite:
Andrew and I, at the Asuncion airport, tired but so excited!

The first beer of the trip (so cheap down there, 75 cents for a litre!)

Best drink ever! Super hard to find in Canada, so we drank as much as possible while we were there!

Mom picking limes.

Andrew, stoked to be target shooting!

And then Andrew busted his toe open, playing soccer barefoot with the cousins.

A beautiful sunrise.

Enjoying the benifits of Paraguay.

We spent the night at my uncles ranch. We went alligator hunting, shot bush hens, other birds and an antelope, fought tarantulas and befriended frogs. A typical paraguayan weekend!


My adorable Oma, trying on my headband!

Andrew and I, in our usual place: the back of the truck!

A beautiful sunset.

In a country thats in desperate need of rain, we dance when it finally comes!

Out for dinner with our family, content to be together.

My favorite parrot! Gabby, she loves singing and laughing.

Yes, its a kitten, drinking from a dog. It really happens.

Ill finish off with a picture of Andrew and I with my Oma and Opa.

We had an amazing trip. Andrew and I grew as a couple and God was able to teach us some valuable lessons. We are blessed!

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