Tuesday, January 3, 2012

77 days left!
We have been packing, planning, saving and praying!
Things and locations have changed, but the core of our trip had remained.
Serve, explore, glorify God.
And that seems like a good plan to us!
We are looking forward to NYC, to spending time with family there, taking in a show or two.
We are stoked about Greece, exploring ruins, eating food.
But oh, our heart is so set on Israel! We have been in close contact with "our friends" there, getting updates on the refugee women and orphans. Because of the sensitivity of Israel, how complicated and, frankly, scary it can be, I have to be vague while we are there, ever so careful about information.
But I will tell you this, Israel is about to rock our world! Our 3 months there will, Im sure, change our lives, our perspectives, our hearts!
We have Jordan, India, Nepal and quite a few other countries planned afterwards, but right now, I cant keep my mind off Israel!

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