Monday, June 24, 2013

Jumping Around the World!

I keep telling myself that "I will blog today". But then the day passes and fills up with paperwork, planning, visiting, and living, and another day goes by with blogging silence. 
Im fine with that, since Im having a tough time putting into words how the past month has felt. 
So today, I thought I would do a fun post! 
I shall call it "Jumping around the world!". Which you already know, since you probably clicked on the post title to get here in the first place. Moving on. 

You might have noticed that I took a LOT of jumping pictures while travelling. Im not sure how that started, but it just seemed to happen. Thankfully I have a husband who is patient and great at taking jumping pictures. Sometime I was even able to pursued him to jump for a picture too! 
So here you go, some pictures and excerpt of jumps around the world! 

That time I jumped and this kid snuck in to join me, and I didn't see him and I punched him in the face accidentally. Oops. Luckily he laughed it off!
Ankor Wat, Cambodia. 

Rosh-Hanikra, Israel 

At the Lebanon Border. It isn't perfect but we couldn't chance a second attempt! We took this and ran! They "frown" at border crossing pictures.

Old City, Jerusalem.

Phang Nga, Thailand. 

Masada, Israel. It was SO hot, I couldnt muster up enough energy to jump a second time! 

Petra, Jordan. 


Petra, Jordan.

India Gate, New Delhi.

Taj Mahal, India! 

The Red Fort, India! 

Ayutthaya, Thailand. 

Chelsea, NYC.

Brooklyn Bridge, NYC.

Central Park, NYC.


Tel Aviv, Israel. 

Haifa, Israel. 

Mt Carmel, Israel. With some of the kids from the refugee centre! 

Akko, Israel

Phew, my knees hurt just looking at them all! I love them though, I think they are a fun way to capture special places!


  1. My favorite is Malaysia... I think I just like that you don't have shoes on :) Loves

  2. Bina and Andrew,
    We miss you and are thinking and praying for you. When are you leaving? Can we talk before you leave? We hope so. We LOVE LOVE LOVE you two.
    Sab and Wade

    awesome rainbow picture!! I was there somewhere.....