Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I have known Sandi since I was 11(ish). We went to the same church, but we didnt talk often, mostly because Sandi didnt know how to say my name!
Luckily, due to the lack of girls our age, Sandi learned my name and we have been friends ever since.
My parents have often said "You two are SO different. What makes you be friends?!"
And I have to agree. We are very different.
I have straight hair, she has curly. She's petite with gorgeous blue eyes and I...well, I have never been a petite girl!
But the differences go far deeper than that. In personality, we are opposites! She is sweet, an amazing listener and can be a pretty private lady.
Me? Well, Im outspoken, loud and an open book.
I think what has sustained us as friends is first, humour. She makes me laugh oh so hard, and for some reason, I make her laugh too.
Secondly, we have a lot of the same values. We love the Lord, we share our faith, good and bad, with each other.
We also share our "hippy" sides quite well. We both prefer a healthy lifestyle, living naturally as much as possible and we still dream of living together!

Sandi has stuck by me through it all. I mean, really! If anyone has an excuse to quit on me, its her! But thats not her. She has supported, prayed and loved me through some of the hardest times of my life. Sometimes it was weeks and even months between seeing each other (mostly because I was travelling a lot) but when we would see each other, it was natural and real. She is not afraid to say the truth, to call me out on things, but when she does, she does it in love and with so much kindness in her eyes. She is the kindest, most loyal and sincere person I know.
I was blessed to stand beside her on her wedding day, nearly 4 years ago, as her maid of honour. And believe me, I was so happy when she agreed to be my matron of honor almost 2 years ago! I am truly blessed to call her "friend".

On February 26th, at 9:18pm, I was honoured to watch her baby daughter come into this world. A big beautiful, chubby cheeked girl. Amidst my tears and laughter, I watched my best friend become a mom. There is no greater honour than that.
Welcome to the world little one, you are so loved.

Baby girl was a whooping 9 pounds, 15 oz!

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