Monday, March 12, 2012

Its getting to be that time.
A season of good-byes.
I am not a fan of good-byes.

I would rather yell "see-ya" out of the window, or crack jokes and avoid eye contact, than acknowledge that it will be a while until I see someone again.
I said good-bye to a best friend and her darling daughter this morning. It was hard. I cried, not for the last time, at the thought of not seeing them for a long time.
As I drove away, I was reminded, "You belong to me, child. Your days are determined by me, I KNOW the plans I have for you".
Having this assurance doesn't make it easier to say good-bye, but it does give me comfort. A reminder that God is the author and creator of my life, He will sustain me until I see my closest friends again, not doing the bare minimum, but helping me find ways to have joy daily. I trust that He knows my heart, my desires and my thoughts. Its hard having my heart pulled in so many directions, pieces of it attached to those who have sowed love, laughter and memories into my life. I am so thankful for each of them and would never trade our times together, even if it is painful to say good-bye.

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