Monday, March 26, 2012

Well, in 2 days we have walked 16 miles! There is so much to do and see in the city! Here are a few fun pictures!
We have spent quite some time riding the subway.

Andrew got chased by some wolves at the Museum of Natural History!
While I kissed a deer!

We met a famous lady today.

The trees are in bloom and its beautiful!

We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge! and had a "jumping" day!

The Supreme court was giant and impressive! (Thats me, jumping again)

We got some frozen yogurt from a food truck. It was yummy!

We visited the Chelsea Market! So quaint and hip!

We also went to see the World Trade Centre, or what stands there now.
They are rebuilding the "Freedom Towers" and its quite a site!

We also went and saw the 9/11 Memorial, although its amidst the construction, it was touching and real. It is a beautiful way to honour those who died that day. We couldn't believe the amount of security we had to go through to get in! I guess they figure it needs protecting, but it was worse than an airport!

We also went to Battery park to catch the ferry out to see the Statue of Liberty, but after seeing the 1.5 hour line up, we decided that seeing her from the shore was good enough for us!
Oh yeah! We also saw Michael Douglas! He got out of a car in front of us! I was so excited that I only managed to snap this blurry picture from behind! We did follow him but then we chickened out and didnt ask for his autograph! It was weird to see him, he is looking old!
Another grand day in NYC! We are having a blast here. Tomorrow evening we board a flight to Greece, so we will bid North America goodbye! It will be strange to know we will not set foot in North America for a while, but it is also so exciting!

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  1. Hi Edolbina and Andrew,
    here we are again, Grandma and Grandpa Hanefeld are excited that you made it to New York - the dream of a lifetime. We sure miss you, but are very, very happy for you.
    Take care. We see you in Israel. Maybe.
    Love you, hugs and kisses.