Saturday, March 24, 2012

Yesterday we arrived in New York City. What a different world! We spent 5 hours walking around, resulting in a couple of blisters, some very tired legs and an early bedtime!
But we love it here. Its a melting pot of people and noise!
A friends (who I haven't seen in 5 years!) offered her spare room to us while we are here. What a blessing! We are going to enjoy our time with Danny, Christina and their 2 adorable boys (plus one active dog!). They are in the perfect location, everything we need within a couple blocks.
And now, some pictures for your viewing enjoyment :)

This is at the train station, catching the train into NYC.

I love the classic NYC feel of Chelsea (where we are staying)
Thats Grand Central Station on the left. Its a huge, beautiful place!
We found Love in NYC!
The Empire State Building!
I have always wanted to see the Flat Iron Building! Its amazing!

We strolled through Central Park. Its huge, busy and beautiful!
Times Square was an interesting experience! (You can kind of see the naked cowboy in the left side of the picture, behind us. Andrew forbade me to take picture of him!)
We are loving this relaxing, touristy week! We know there will be some intense months to come, so we are resting right now, and its wonderful!

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  1. Dear Andrew and Edolbina,
    we just enjoyed your pictures and are happy to see such a happy couple. We will see how it is in 50 years from now on. Just thinking we wouldn't be around any more.
    Love, Grandma and Grandpa Hanefeld
    p.s. this was typed by our special secretaries from Germany Judith and Philipp