Sunday, April 1, 2012

Today we hiked to the top of Lykavittos Hill.
(you can see it in the first picture. Yes, the very top)
It was far. Very far. But it was a beautiful day and we were happy to get to the top!

There was an adorable little church at the top, a restaurant too!
And a gorgeous view!

We treated ourselves to some greek coffee (aka strong and sweet!)
Yesterday we walked and walked and then walked some more!
And got a delicious treat from the bakery! It was huge!
And a delicious lunch. I am in LOVE with moussaka!
We saw some more cool ruins. It amazes me that people carved these stones and built them, over 2000 years ago! And here we are, touching them.

We hope you are having a wonderful day, where ever you are! I hear its snowing in Abbotsford! Andrew managed to get a burn today, so we are feeling very far away!

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