Thursday, April 5, 2012

We spent the day walking, walking and walking some more!
We went and saw Yafo (Jaffa) again. Its beautiful!

This is the remaining wall of an egyptian fortress. Its 3300 years old!

Andrew took this picture of me jumping in Yafo and, funnily, a couple of Chinese tourists asked me to jump again so they could have a picture of me!

We decided we wanted to have more of that delicious hummus that we had yesterday. We even managed to get a table this time! Right after we sat down, about 20 more people showed up! Apparently they dont like non-locals to know about this place. We were the only canadians in there! But they were kind and it was delicious!

There is graphitti all over the place, I found this one so funny and creative!

We found a shawarma place in a a back alley and got some lamb. It was delicious! Andrew thought so too. In this picture, he has just eaten a very spicy pepper and was regretting it!

We finished the evening off with a stroll by the sea. It truly is beautiful here.

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