Friday, April 20, 2012

We had our "day off" today. Since its the start of Shabbat the buses don't run as late as they usually do, unfortunately! So we said goodbye to a volunteer that was leaving (and will be VERY missed) and headed out early! 
We shopped around a bit, befriended a muslim man on the bus, ate fresh baked goods and just were generally renewed. 
We enjoyed each other, chatted about life and God and all the things that were happening in our hearts. 

I liked this sign, They have it all the exits on this beach.

And of course I had to do a jumping picture! 

I do not know the story behind this situation, but I thought it was so funny that a toddler was walking down the street, hauling a suitcase, not wearing any pants! 

We enjoyed ourselves so much, that we did not notice the sun burning our skin! We are both, sadly, sporting some lobster-like red skin right now. It is very hard to explain to the children why we are so red. Most of them don't understand and the older ones think its funny, saying "Next time you go to the beach, wear long sleeves!" and "Don't you know better?" (By the way, a 12 year old said that to us!)
We happily came home this afternoon and played with the kids. A "day off" is never fully off, because there are always kids to talk to, love on and enjoy! 
But we like it that way! 

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