Monday, July 9, 2012

This week:

We played with an adorable 2 year old. (No they are not sleeping, he was ticking her)

We spent a day at the beach and found some giant jellyfish! They should be gone in a few week though, so we can go back to swimming again!) 

We had a (rare) date day and an even more rare lunch out! We had amazing giant burgers, they were such a treat!!

Our view from the restaurant, overlooking the port of Haifa. 

After the burgers, we relaxed in the park, where I read and Andrew played paparazzi! 

We had "Team Extreme" here, from America. They did some crazy stuff! Like blowing up a hot water bottle! 

And breaking slabs of concrete with their hands!
 And ripping a phone book in half! 

We went and visited the location where Elijah called down fire and defeated the prophets of Baal. (You can read the story in 1 Kings 18:16-40)

And had a beautiful view of the Valley of Armageddon (found in Revelation)

And I fell more in love with this little one! 

We hope you are having a blessed week! 

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