Thursday, June 28, 2012

Call me lame, but...

Today, I miss thrifting.

What does that say about me?!
I said it out loud to Andrew and then almost cringed. Am I really that person?

It turns out that yes. Yes I am! 

I miss the fun of it! Not knowing what you will find, sometimes finding nothing, sometimes just the opposite! I miss trying on vintage clothes that are ridiculous and silly, then falling in love with amazing deals! 
I miss picking up random stuff for friends because it made me think of them! I miss my favourite shop (holla MCC!), the smells (seriously?! Am I saying this?!) and the old mennonite women who know me by name! 

Those of you who live close to an MCC, can you do me a favour? Can you go, browse, pick up random things, take pictures of hilarious things, be amazed by some of the great deals?

But maybe don't tell me, because I might melt with jealousy! 
Ok wait, tell me...
Yeah, tell me. 

1 comment:

  1. I will do this! And then post about it!! I haven't been thrifting for awhile but I love any excuse to go! I shall tell Josh it's for you, that justifies it right???

    Ps. My mom and I made 8 batches of strawberry jam in the condo today...yes, that's 30lbs of strawberries mixed with the sweet stuff and sealed into good old mason jars (leftovers from Amanda's wedding!!)

    PPS. I miss you <3