Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I have been reading some articles on going "No poo"....
and no this is not in reference to certain bodily functions! 
It stands for "No shampoo."

My hair has always had issues, despite my attempt to make it healthy! It is dry/frizzy at the ends, completely tangled in other areas and oily at the roots! I have to wash it at least every 2nd day, or I look like a grease-monkey! 
And besides that, do you know how much precious room the bottles take up in our backpacks?! or how expensive shampoo and conditioner are in Israel?! 
So Andrew and I agreed to try and go shampoo free! 
You can check out some peoples stories here and here.

We are starting with 4 weeks and seeing where we are then. If our hair is better than it is now, then we will keep on, but if our hair is the same or worse, back to shampoo we go! 

(You're probably having a hard time hearing me over the sound of my crunching eh Amanda?!)

I want to clarify that we are still showering, probably even more than we did before (ok, if I was honest, more than I did before.)
When we shower, we just make our hair wet and then use a baking soda/water solution on our hair once a week. Got it?  :)

Day 1: 
So here we are, in hot, sweaty Israel. 
I am already thinking "WHAT are we thinking?!" Its a very hot week out (35 degrees today!) and oil + sweat = not my dream hair! But we are determined to push through (remind me of that in about a week). 
I thought I would take weekly pictures, to see the progress of my hair! Ignore the face, I got sick of trying to take pictures under florescent lights. 

(Day 1)

Let the experiment begin!

I would like to hear your thought on this? Does it sound like something you would do? Or do you think Im plain ol' crazy for trying? :)

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  1. I don't think you are crazy! Shampoo is even expensive for me to buy here in Canada, I can't imagine the price in Israel!! I have just finished my shampoo bar and am wondering what to do...make my own, buy another bar, go back to conventional shampoo, or..... go shampoo-less?? I didn't know it was an option! I will look into the idea and decide soon :D