Wednesday, June 6, 2012

We just got back from our anniversary getaway! It was so amazing! 
Andrew started to feel sick on Sunday night (we were leaving on monday!) and had a high fever. Ever the sympathetic wife, I made him pull it together until we got to our getaway! (Well, he was feeling a touch better by then)
The thing we were looking forward to the most was peace and quiet. And boy, this place delivered! We were the only ones there! 

This is our "zimmer". Beautiful right?!

We piled our blankets and pillows in the jacuzzi tub and ate breakfast (ok, dinner too) in there. It was awesome!  

Our adorable little home!  

We could see the city of Zefat. We also watched shepherds herding their sheep/goats! 

Spot the goats? I love that they still do this, centuries later!

We spent a lot of time in the hammocks!

And I managed to get some reading done! (Great book by the way!) 

We even picked leaves for tea! (Don't worry, I was told which one was safe to consume!) 

We loved the pool! The temperature was hot hot hot, so the pool was a refreshing treat! Andrew needed to cover his head, so he fashioned a turban. Clever man! 

And, of course, we jumped!  

We had a wonderful time, celebrating two years of marriage. We came back refreshed and ready to pour more into the women and kids here! 

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  1. I too read the book "The Happiest People On Earth" as a young adult. It impressed me so much that I prayed my future husband would propose to me in similiar fashion as Demos did to his wife. Well, God certainly planned it all out beautifully unbeknownst to my Steven, who did use almost the exact words that Demos used - and I was certain that he was God's choice for me. Isn't God good? Love Him so.
    Auntie Heidi