Sunday, June 3, 2012

(an early) Anniversary Post (because we are going away for a couple days....)

Two years ago, I woke up early (lets be honest, I didn't really sleep!) and, for the last time, headed out the door as an unmarried woman. 
I got my hair and make up done, I drank champagne and orange juice, I ate some yogurt. 

I laughed with my best friends, I got changed into my wedding dress while standing in a shower (true story).

We drove a van to the church and snuck into the back door, hiding in one of the sunday school rooms. I could have sworn a million butterflies were somehow living in my stomach. 

Then I walked down the aisle, toward my husband. 

I did not know what I was doing.

I did not know the massive, life changing covenant I was about to make. 
Oh, I thought I knew. If you asked me I would say "We are ready!"
And we were ready, as best as we could be! 
And yet, daily, I am surprised by the amount of commitment this takes. 

Waking up, day after day and choosing to love and serve this man. Choosing to trust him, believe in him, listen to him, submit to his leadership. Choosing to follow him, literally all over the world. Choosing him first, over everything, except God. 

This marriage is so much more than Andrew and I. 
Its more than happiness and married bliss. Its more than feelings and plans and even love. 

This marriage, the one I choose daily to be a full participant of, good or bad, is for God. Its to reflect His grace, love and forgiveness, not just toward us, but toward the world!  Our marriage is sustained through Him, but also FOR Him. 

I am so thankful to be able to say that our marriage does not depend on us being happy! It does not depend on us fulfilling each others every desire or wish, or on the fact that Andrew makes me laugh or that he likes my cooking.

Our marriage is a covenant that God has made, and only God can break.

And in that, we are free! 
We are free to be ourselves, no pressure involved!
 We are free to grow and learn.

 And thats what we are doing. 
We are learning to serve each other, to put each others needs first. We are learning to listen and to be still, we are learning what it means to pray for each other, to love the good and the not-so-good in each other. We are learning forgiveness and repentance.

Andrew you are, by far, the best gift that God has given me. 
And today, tomorrow and the next, I choose to be married to you.
Over and over and over, I choose that. 

You lead me with faith, courage and strength. You pray for me, you encourage me and you give me a nudge in the right direction when I need it. 

Happy 2nd anniversary my love. 
Heres to many many more!


  1. This was Beautiful! Happy Anniversary!!! I was listening to the song Cowboys and Angels by Dustin Lynch while reading this and it made me want to cry because it is so joyful and moving! God is so Good!! And marriage is such a gift. Love You!

  2. beautifully written Edol, and thank you for sharing this all. I am proud of your and Andrew

  3. I must echo Jaclyn and ALM: Thank you for such a beautiful testimony to marriage and what it is all about. Even us oldies who've been married for 25+ years need this encouragement and reminder. I am so blessed and ministered to by your words.
    Thank you,
    Auntie Heidi