Friday, June 8, 2012

A year ago, in the middle of the night, I got the phone call that I had been anxiously waiting for.
"My water just broke, Im in labour, we will meet you at the hospital!" 
She was the happiest woman in labour that I have ever seen!
She being my sister-in-law, Amanda. 

Oh the butterflies that entered my stomach! I sang country songs loudly as I drove (quite quickly if Im honest!) to the hospital. 

And it was on. She was in labour, this was the day we met our newest family member. 

Contractions came, we ate eggs, we laughed and prayed, we paced and encouraged, and then hours later, but perfectly timed, he came. 

My precious nephew Cody. 
Tears still well up when I think about it. 

I remember holding him for the first time, just staring at him. 
He was here! We had been waiting for 9 months to meet this little one, and he was here! He was exactly like I expected. I remember saying to Andrew, breathlessly, "He looks just like himself!" 

In the past year, I have spent countless hours with that little man. We have fallen in love and trust with each other. 

We went camping when he was just under 2 months old! Here I am, doing my famous burp technique. I did this A LOT with him (happily!)

He got this adorable hat! We loved it on him!

He, however, did not love it. 

We had our first sleepover when he was 4 months old. Mummy was at the hospital, waiting for her first nephew to be born!

He tasted snow for the first time at our condo!

And uncle Andrew, of course, taught him how to shoot rubber bands.

Thank you, Sam and Amanda, for the precious gift you have given us in your son. 

He will always and forever be the special little man who made me an auntie. 

 (look at those gorgeous eyes! Melt. My. Heart!)

Happy 1st birthday to our favourite nephew.
 We wish with all our heart that we could be there to celebrate it with you.
Saying goodbye to you, and living daily without you close by, is one of the hardest things for us.

We love you Cody. We pray you would grow up to know God, to be a man of integrity, strength and good character. 

Ons mis jou net so hard, so diep, so lank, so wyd soos ons jou lief het.
We miss you just as strong, deep, tall, and wide as we love you.


  1. This was beautiful! I gave him lots of auntie hugs today and will give many more (specifically in your name!) tomorrow! Thanks for sharing those pictures! My heart has also been melted!

  2. Oh wow! Cody sure has a lot of love in his life and it absolutely fills me with joy! Thank you for posting these beautiful words. I had a little emotional breakdown this morning after reading this and thinking of what a wonderful year it has been! Oh and we totally were counting when I went into labour and were pushing and delivering and all of that today. It was pretty fun :)