Monday, June 18, 2012

"No Poo" update.

I wrote about how Andrew and I decided to try going "No (sham)poo" here.

Well we are in the thick of it now! 
Im not usually someone who's self-consious in pictures, but I actually hesitated posting these ones, which says alot. 

Day 5:

My hair is now greasy! My hair grows in light brown, then quickly changes to really blonde when I am in the sunshine. Now, because my roots are so greasy, my hair looks so much darker, and I am not digging that. 
On day 5 I washed my hair with 1tsp baking soda, mixed with a cup of warm water. It seemed to help with the greasy look but was short-lived. While the roots are greasy, the ends are super dry (probably from the lack of conditioner). Im looking for a boar bristle brush to help me comb the oils to the ends of my hair, but have had no success here! 

Day 7:

This, unfortunately, is my hair right now. Its dark in colour and heavy with oil! Just gross! Yesterday when I showered, I dipped the ends in diluted Apple Cider Vinegar (1tbsp to 1 cup water) and let it soak in. It seemed to really help with the frizzy dryness of the ends, so Im thankful for that! While my hair is not my favourite undertaking right now (read: the bane of my existence!) I am quite determined to see it through, because really, it cant get much worse! 

Sidenote: Andrew washed his hair once with Baking Soda and now his hair looks almost completely normal! On day 7, its just a touch greasy, but really just looks like he put gel in it! Oh to have such short hair!

So there you go, my first 7 days in the "No Poo" experience have not been pain-free, but also, it is completely do-able! 

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