Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy papa's day!

Today we celebrate fathers.
I was thinking of what I would say about my dad. 
How do I sum up the man who has been the most influential leader in my life?
I love my dad. 
And quite honestly, the title for "Worlds greatest dad" was swiftly handed to him the day he became one, on my older brothers birthday, nearly 28 years ago. 

My dad is funny, smart, compassionate and an incredible follower of God. 
I remember I would always ask him math questions, just to see if he would get them right! He always did, not that I would have known if he didn't anyways!

I love early morning with my dad. (Well, not when I was a lazy teenager.)
I love his gravelly voice, deep sleep-lingering chuckle and his old dark blue robe (Do you still have that thing dad?)
I have many fond memories of spending cuddly mornings with dad and mom. 

My dad has an amazing sense of humour, and when he gets laughing, you know there will be tears and leg-slapping! 

I remember a few months ago, we were having family dinner at dad and moms. Dad and my older brother were sitting beside each other on the couch. Someone said something funny and simultaneously, at the EXACT SAME TIME, Elger and dad burst out laughing and leg-slapped themselves. It was awesome! 
I see so much of dad in Elger, and thats a really great thing. 
Dad loves to play practical jokes, from cracking our ears to saying "Theres someone at the door for you!" when its a cute 8 year old selling chocolate. I get suckered in every time and he knows it! What a waste of $5.

I also remember when I was a young teenager. I loved to read those teen magazines. Dad hated it. He told me I wasn't allowed because he didn't want me to see images and feel less for who I was. 
Dad, I really appreciate that. I have always known that you love me and have the best in mind for me!

Now that I am older, wiser (haha or not!) and married, I have thought a lot about what kind of mom I want to be, and what kind of dad I want my children to have. 

I want Andrew to have your soft heart, your quick laughter and your deep love for your children. 
You have sacrificed so much for me, you have loved me at my worst and you walked me down the aisle on the most important day of my life! 

You welcomed Andrew into our family with open arms and you were even were in on the scheme when he proposed! Andrew misses drinking early morning mate with you. 

You have encouraged me to travel, to grow and become the women that God wants me to be. You trust us to make wise choices and you are an incredible support to us. 
I know we can count on you to pray for us, to love us from afar and to handle our banking! :)

For all the things you do, have done and will do, thank you papa. 

You are an incredible dad to us, and, in the future, you will be an amazing grandfather...but not yet! :)

Happy Fathers Dad, we love you!  

(Our special father/daughter dance. You make me laugh dad!) 

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