Sunday, June 10, 2012

My friend Tanis did a "currently" post and so I thought I would steal the idea! Its a really great way to update some not-so-obvious information to you guys! So here we go!

What Im currently.... 

...obsessing over: flights. I tend to do that. We need to book flights from Jordan to India, so, instead of looking them up and booking, what do I do? Check out every flight, every website, every day/time, and then still not book anything! Maybe I should just look into...

...working on: letter to the Ministry of Interior, along with paperwork, so we can renew our visas! Fun fun!

...thinking about: visas and paperwork, fun fun!

...anticipating: getting back to my herd of children in the mountain. Its crazy how one day away leaves me missing them! 

...listening to: Andrew watching "Everybody Loves Raymond".

...eating: nothing (surprisingly!) but we just finished parmesan noodles with chicken schnitzel! Delicious!

...wishing: that we could have attended our nephews birthday party! We got to skype with them, so that was a nice way to feel included! Isn't he so cute in his frog prince outfit!

...dissing: paperwork (this seems to be a recurring theme...) and interviews with government personnel! 

...laughing at: Ray not helping Deborah when she choked. Mostly because Andrew choked this one time and I didn't help him! (He wasn't too happy about that...)

Have a great week friends! 

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