Friday, March 1, 2013

Welcome little one...

Our nephew, Declan James Andreas, arrived on Feb 27th.
8lbs 15 oz, 2 teeth and a full head of hair. 
Isn't he gorgeous?!?!?!
It slays me that he looks like Elger.

I honestly never believed in love at first sight. 
Especially not "love at I-just-heard-about-you!" 
I fell in love with Declan the moment that my brother and his wife told me that they were expecting their first baby. 
I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that this kid was going to be special. 
And how would he not be?
My brother is, seriously, one of the coolest guys I know. I was always copying him (he hated that) because I just wanted to be closer to him. We are just over a year apart, so when we were little, many people thought we were twins. I (secretly) loved that, but it sure isn't a boys dream to have people say you look like your little sister!
Poor Elger, he put up with a lot.

(This was taken years ago, when I decided that perming my hair was a good idea. It was not.) 

Jenn, his amazing wife, is everything I wish I was. She's super hip, chill, adventurous, thoughtful and has such a sweetness to her. 
Their offspring is sure to rock this world. 
We found out that Declan arrived safely while we were at the border of Thailand, crossing into Malaysia.
You have NO idea how badly I wanted to jump on a plane and get that little boy into my arms. The next 2 months cannot go fast enough.

Congrats Elger and Jenn, we are so thrilled for you guys! 
Thank you for giving us a beautiful nephew! Our lives just got fuller! 

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  1. Seriously 2 teeth?! Its not unheard of, but SO rare. He is so cute. Congrats!